Five reasons why OpenOcean is the best choice for crypto swaps

With the DeFi world rapidly expanding, users are coming across more and more blockchain networks and liquidity sources such as DEXes. Navigating these networks can be overwhelming and expensive, but for traders, OpenOcean gives the best rates with top trading efficiency by aggregating decentralized and centralized exchanges across multiple chains. Here are five reasons why we are the best choice for swaps:

1. The best returns among aggregators and DEXes

OpenOcean’s top priority is delivering the best returns, whatever blockchain network you are trading on, and whatever trading pair you are looking for; we give the best returns among our aggregator competitors.

This also means we provide better prices than DEXes as we have access to much more liquidity than a single DEX, providing better prices and lower slippage. OpenOcean also has more tradeable tokens than DEXes… So why are you still trading between DEXes and aggregators? We’re your one-stop shop!

For example, if you want to trade $BABY and $RACA (GameFi tokens), you will need to jump between PancakeSwap and BabySwap to complete two separate swaps. With OpenOcean, you will be able to directly make this swap.

Take a brief look at how we outperform our competitors:

OpenOcean vs 1inch with a BNB/BUSD pair on BSC
OpenOcean vs Matcha with a BNB/BUSD pair on BSC
OpenOcean vs Paraswap with a BNB/BUSD pair on BSC

2. The most aggregated chains and tradable assets

We have more chains than other aggregators: ParaSwap supports four chains, 1inch has five, and Matcha has six. OpenOcean currently has 13 chains, including the recently added Arbitrum, Boba, Gnosis Chain (formerly xDAI) and has more in the works! This also means we have the most tradable assets, coming from 75+ aggregated resources. As we have more chains than other aggregators, our users can swap between chains quickly without worrying about liquidity.

Moreover, our design improves efficiency. With many DEXes, you’ll find that swapping one token for another requires an intermediary swap with a third token. Thanks to our dozens of aggregated resources, you can often trade between two tokens directly, helping keep costs to a minimum.

3. No additional fees

OpenOcean provides a transparent pricing mechanism without charging any additional protocol transaction fees for DeFi users. Although we provide a superior routing algorithm and deep liquidity, our community will never be charged any fees.

Through the introduction of OpenOcean Liquidity Pools, traders are able to enjoy a cheaper alternative to the industry standard of 0.25% or higher. The trading fee for swapping with OpenOcean Liquidity Pools is a flat 0.2%, where 0.15% goes back to the liquidity providers and 0.05% to the treasury.

4. The competitive referral program

Our generous referral program gives referrers a 10% rebate of their referral recipient’s trading fees, while referral recipients receive a 5% rebate of their trading fees. Different terms apply for Ethereum chain trades; check out this article for complete program details and how to get sharing!

5. Additional features to come

We are designed with your complete trading experience in mind. That’s why we do not just strive to provide maximum returns; we are building a one-stop destination for all types of traders. We have lots of exciting features in the works, including a suite of wealth management, derivatives, and automatic arbitrage bot products - among others!

Also in the future, OOE will be able to be used for gas fees, and staking OOE will allow you to access VIP services, including access to airdrops, NFTs, swag, and more.



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OpenOcean is the leading DEX Aggregator. Our intelligent routing algorithm finds the best final swap returns across major DEXs with top trading efficiency.