OpenOcean Launched Christmas Campaign 🎅🏽

Dear OpenOcean community,
Our Christmas campaign is ongoing! ! Join how and grab your share of the $5050 prize-pool!

1️⃣ Getting ready to trade on OpenOcean

Please make sure your Metamask wallet is ready. We have prepared a detailed pictured guide to simplify the process: click here.

Now you are ready for your first swap

️2️⃣ Navigate to our exchange

To trade on BSC with OpenOcean, just go to our exchange interface by clicking the link below:

3️⃣ Choose your token

First of all, choose your base currency. OpenOcean has listed more than 30 different tokens. Just to name a few: BNB, ETH, CAKE, BURGER, BAKE, DAI, USDT, BUSD, USDC, SXP, ADA, HARD and VAI.

For example, you choose BNB as your base currency. Make sure you have the base currency in your wallet for swap. Say you want to buy some CAKE tokens with that BNB balance. By clicking on the arrow to open a dropdown menu, you can choose your based currency and the token.

4️⃣How to finalize your trade?

To complete your trade, you simply need to click the “Swap Now” button. OpenOcean will automatically take care of your transaction and route it between different DEXes to garantuee you the best price possible on the market, while trading with low fees.

After you clicked the “Swap Now” button, all you need to is clicking the “confirm” button in your Metamask wallet ✔️

🏆Congratulations ! That’s all, you just made your first transaction on OpenOcean.

✔️As this transaction was above a volume of $5, you automatically joined our Christmas campaign and qualified for our daily rewards. This can be repeated on daily base within the campaign period ( 2020/12/21 to 2021/1/1 )

📍 If you are planning to trade higher volume, you might even qualify for 2nd part of the campaign aswell, where a prize-pool of $2050 is waiting for the Top 40 wallets, ranked by volume.

All details about our campaign can be found here.

Merry Christmas to all of you & we wish you having fun trading on OpenOcean.

For more informations, please visit below links:





How to trade on the OpenOcean exhange?



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