Introducing OpenOcean Finance

With the popularity of DeFi, the trading volume of decentralized exchanges (DEX) has risen rapidly, and therefore, DEX aggregate trading platforms have been playing a bigger role. According to Messari data, in the last August, DEX accounted for more than 5% of the total CEX transaction volume. Among them, 20% of the DEX transaction volume on the Ethereum network came from the DEX aggregation platform.

Recently, OpenOcean, the decentralized financial services development team released a new generation of products based on the intelligent full aggregation protocol: Compared with its counterparts, OpenOcean has taken a series of innovative measures:

1、 Deeply optimized intelligent routing algorithm

OpenOcean search engine analyzes dozens of DEX trading platforms, uses an improved D-Star algorithm to solve the initial optimal path, and adjusts and optimizes the path in real time during the subsequent trading process.

2、 Token Economic Subsidies

If the user’s exchange value is higher than the expected value, OpenOcean will not capture the surplus, the user will be fully refunded with the exchange value when submitting the exchange application.

If the user’s exchange value is lower than the expected value, OpenOcean will subsidize the user with its platform token so as to minimize the user’s loss.

3、 Asset evaluation system ODES

4、Ultimate interactive experience

5、 Aggregate more DEXes

6、Aggregate CEXes

It is OpenOcean’s vision to become the entry point for one-stop trading of all digital assets.

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How to trade on the OpenOcean exhange?

Decentralized full aggregation protocol that sources liquidity from mainstream public chains with intelligent routing.