OpenOcean Monthly Report — June 2021

June marked the last month of Q2 2021 and OpenOcean has been busy building new features and participating in DeFi events. New aggregations have been integrated in May and internal product development has been going strong. As always, the community has been active and especially discussed the topic of the month — the much anticipated launch of OpenOcean’s governance and utility token OOE!

  • In DeFi Summit, it was the first time to present the demo of Cross-Chain Swap with best price via bridges and cross-chain protocols, so traders can now easily swap and transfer assets across public chains such as Ethereum and Polygon via Matic Bridge V2. This will be soon supported on OpenOcean!
  • Since inception, OpenOcean protocol has reached over 200k active unique addresses with more than 730k total transactions and $2billion transaction volume.
  • $OOE Airdrop round 2 criteria and results were released. There are over 172,000 unique addresses qualified for rounds 1 & 2 collectively, including 58,126 and 120,204 for round 1 and round 2 respectively.
  • Summer Sailing Trading Competition with a reward pool of $3,000 — as summer has come, our sailors did bring some heat to the campaign. The top 1 sailor’s total trading volume was over $3M USDT and won the prize of $500 BUSD.
  • Monthly Survey in Telegram Community — more than 300+ suggestions and feedback from the community has been collected.
  • 7-Day #GiveAway campaign to share $4,000 BUSD rewards for celebration over 200,000 unique active addresses — we have rewarded 261 wallet addresses for the campaign, and the address with 454,535.72 total volume won the first place.

The $OOE token launched, $OOE liquidity mining kicked off, Polygon got aggregated with ongoing trading mining, Huobi officially invested into OpenOcean and much more to come!🚀

OpenOcean is the world’s first DeFi & CeFi aggregator. Our intelligent routing algorithm finds the best rates across DEXes & CEXes with top trading efficiency.