StreetSwap x OpenOcean Trading Competition - share $ 1000

Dear OpenOcean Community,

We are proud to announce our first trading competition in cooperation with Da team. Trade tokens out of the ecosystem ( $DRUGS, $GUNS & $CRED ) and share a prize-pool of $ 1000 paid in BUSD.

The users will be ranked by their total buy & sell-volume done on the OpenOcean platform in the campaign period mentioned below.

How to join?

  • Minimum trading volume (buy or sell) to be eligible: USD$1,000 accumulatively from a single wallet adress during the competition period.
  • Join the OpenOcean Community and talk about the latest trades and strategies.
  • Start trading here !

Remark: Not all swaps have sufficient liquidity for every DRUGS, GUNS or CRED trading pair. Please always have a look at the liquidity details by clicking on the “Exhange” tab before you confirm the transaction.

Competition period: 01/09/2021 ( 3 PM UTC ) - 01/13/2021 ( 3 PM UTC )

Ranking reward structure:

1st Place: $ 300 in BUSD

2nd Place: $ 250 in BUSD

3rd Place: $ 150 in BUSD

4th Place: $ 100 in BUSD

5th Place: $ 50 in BUSD

6th-10th Place: $ 30 in BUSD

Campaign rules:

  • OpenOcean reserves the right to disqualify trades that are deemed to be wash trades or showing any kind of self-dealing.
  • OpenOcean will only calculate the total buy & sell volume of eligible tokens: $DRUGS, $GUNS & $CRED.
  • Participants must trade a minimum of USD$1,000 (buy or sell) from a single wallet adress during the competition period to get a chance of winning a share of the rewards.
  • OpenOcean reserves the right to cancel or amend any activity or activity Rules at our sole discretion.
  • Only buy & sell volume done on the OpenOcean platform will be incuded in the calculations.
  • The rewards will be contribute directly to the winner wallets within 1 week after the campaign ends.
  • Make sure to follow us on and visit our telegram group
  • All the prize will be paid in BUSD (BEP20).

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