The Dragon Goes for an Ocean Swim! Get fired up to earn OOE and QUICK on QuickSwap

Join OOE-QUICK liquidity mining and Dragon’s Syrup pool on QuickSwap to earn OOE and QUICK

Since the launch of OpenOcean’s $OOE, the community have enjoyed the various ways to earn OOE such as liquidity mining, staking, and trade mining! Fair distribution and decentralization of OOE is important for the project to eventually achieve DAO. So we’ve teamed up with Polygon’s Quickswap to offer exciting new ways to earn $OOE.

If you were one of the sailors that received rewards from trade mining on Polygon last month, there is an option for OOE holders to jump into the QUICK/OOE pool. If you don’t have OOE, stake dQUICK in Dragon’s Syrup pool to earn! Here’s the program details.

Liquidity Mining: Stake $OOE/$QUICK to earn $QUICK

Reward: $100K worth of $QUICK
Start Time: August 25th, 2021 UTC
Network: Polygon
Reward duration: 60 days
LP Contract address: 0x23e93ce78d7fb5287e4b6a8d91403bc5e7ac845a

Staking: Stake $dQUICK to earn $OOE

Reward: $100K worth of $OOE
Start Time: August 25th, 2021 UTC
End Time: October 24th, 2021 UTC
Network: Polygon
Reward duration: 60 days
Contract address: 0xf28164a485b0b2c90639e47b0f377b4a438a16b1

Don’t have OOE on Polygon? Read below:

If you have Quick, you can swap QUICK to OOE on OpenOcean.

If you have OOE on Ethereum, you can transfer OOE from Ethereum to Polygon via Polygon Bridge V2.

If you don’t have OOE on Ethereum, you can transfer OOE from centralized exchanges that support OOE, send it to your Ethereum wallet address, and follow the step above.

  1. Go to and click “Add Liquidity”
  2. Select OOE-QUICK and complete transactions to get LP token
  3. Go to and find OOE-QUICK pool to stake LP tokens
  4. Done! You will now earn pools transactions fees and rewards
  1. Go to the OOE Dragon’s Syrup pool here
  2. Enter the amount of dQUICK you desire to stake
  3. Click “Approve dQUICK” to allow QuickSwap to access dQUICK tokens in your wallet and accept the transaction via your Metamask window.
  4. Upon confirmation, click “Stake” and use MetaMask to accept the transaction.

Dive into the open ocean and join the dragon in seeking out the treasure rewards.

About Quickswap
QuickSwap is a fork of the originator of Automated Market Makers in the now rapidly expanding DeFi sector of the Cryptocurrency industry, Uniswap. Both, of course, are magical. Only, rather than settling for the magic of unicorns, we’ve opted for the magic of dragons. It’s a much faster kind of magic, currently only available in a land far far away, known by the locals as Layer 2. Although it’s very very far far away, to get there requires only a few clicks on a mouse, via the magical MATIC portal, aided by a fanciful Fox with a Mask.

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About OpenOcean
OpenOcean is the world’s first DeFi & CeFi full aggregator. OpenOcean’s intelligent routing algorithm finds the best price and low slippage for traders across centralized and decentralized exchanges with no additional fees. As a one-stop trading entrance, we have aggregated major DEXes across public chains including Ethereum & Layer 2, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, Solana, HECO, TRON, Ontology, and CEX (Binance). OpenOcean will continue to support cross-chain swaps via bridges and cross-chain protocols, and aggregate more DeFi & CeFi products and launch intelligent management services.

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