OpenOcean is the world’s first leading full aggregator which provides the entrance to crypto trading and pools liquidity from both the DeFi and CeFi.

With the vision of building a full aggregator for crypto trading that serves as a bridge connecting the isolated islands in DeFi and CeFi, we are dedicated in building an ecosystem that’s beneficial to all kinds of users in the current fragmented market. We want to empower all individual users and investment institutions to trade at the best prices and be able to apply their own investment strategies on various crypto asset classes.

OpenOcean now offers…

Dear OpenOcean Community,

We are excited to team with BakerySwap to host a trading competition. A prize pool of 3800 $USDT value of $BAKE will be offered by OpenOcean and BakerySwap. During the campaign period, users will be ranked based on the total trading volume done on OpenOcean platform.

Campaign Period: Friday, 16th April, 1PM — Thursday, 22th April, 1PM (UTC)

Prize Pool: $3,800 in $BAKE🍩

Reward Structure:

1st Place: $500

2nd Place: $300

3rd Place: $200

4th-10th Place: $100 each

11th- 20th Place: $50 each

21th-50th Place: $20 each

Plus, at the end of the campaign, 100 lucky users…

Today we are upgrading our website to allow infinite approval for spending assets.

The only way your wallet can interact with our smart contracts is by allowing for approval. Otherwise smart contracts cannot access your wallet without permission. When you grant approval to our platform, you give permission for OpenOcean to swap your assets.

You have two options with OpenOcean.

  1. You can allow for one time approval. This is the safest option but you will need to do this each time you want to make trades. …

The Binance Smart Chain Community AMA had overwhelming success with many participants and over 150+ questions posted.

Rafael (Binance Angel):

What is OpenOcean and what can users do?


OpenOcean is a full aggregator that aggregates both DeFi and CeFi ecosystems.

Our vision is to build a full aggregator in crypto trading serving as the bridge connecting the isolated islands of DeFi and CeFi. We are working on building an ecosystem that’s beneficial to all kinds of users in the current fragmented market by providing an entrance to one-stop trading with symmetric price information and all mainstream assets available. …

We are extremely excited to announce our partnership with SafePal and joining the OpenOcean — SafePal WHO (Wallet Holder Offering) Campaign.

About SafePal & SFP Token

Founded in 2018, SafePal is a cryptocurrency wallet that aims to provide a secure and user-friendly crypto management platform for the masses. It is also the first hardware wallet portfolio of Binance. SafePal provides hardware wallet and software wallet product lines, all paired and managed through the SafePal App, where users can easily store, manage, swap, trade, and grow their crypto wealth. It has integrated with Binance DEX, Binance Spot Trading, and all DApps…

The user experience is similar to the decentralized exchange.

The only difference is, you need to sign up with an account.

Go ahead and click on pro.

  1. Register

Click on Register in the top right of Pro version:

OpenOcean is a revolutionary one-stop shop for centralized swaps between multiple top exchanges and will enable both defi and cefi price comparison and swaps between defi and cefi platforms.

Binance is the first centralized exchange integrated into OpenOcean.

With this first integration, OpenOcean becomes the first full aggregator which provides simple access to the public.

Some of the key benefits include:

  • Finding the lowest price between defi and cefi exchange
  • One login required on OpenOcean
  • Exchange on CEX and withdrawal to multiple chains
  • Arbitrage transactions between DEXes and CEXes
  • VIP Membership with OOE Token

With over 170,000 active users &…

How to use OpenOcean — Step by Step Guide to Swapping Tokens

OpenOcean is a centralized / decentralized exchange aggregator which helps you find tokens to swap for at the best price and.

All you need is any of the 20+ supported wallets. Metamask is the one most recommended for its reliability, security, and popularity.

Get a MetaMask Wallet

Head over to and download a wallet. Install it on the chrome browser. Remember your security back up information.

Buy some ETH

Use a popular trusted exchange to buy ethereum. …

We are so thrilled to announced that OpenOcean has secured investments from high-profile blockchain venture capitalists and is wrapping up a successful strategic financing round.

Multicoin Capital, CMS Holdings, Kenetic, LD capital and Altonomy are among the strategic investors who are set to offer their expertise and guidance as token issurance is near. Annoucements about other important strategic partners coming on board will be made soon.

These investors offer their unrivaled experience and insights in crypto world. With investments and supports, they are determined to foster long-term relationships that will stand them in good stead instead of a speedy exit.

With these partnership, OpenOcean is steadily gaining momentum to carry out the road map and build an one-stop entrance for crypto trading.

We are proud to announce the completion of successful private placement and advisory fundraising. Investors include Altonomy and LD Capital, both have participated in the Binance-led investment round, AU21, FBG, DAO Maker, TRON Foundation, Asymmetries Technologies, LIAN Group, MarketAcross and Cao Zhen (partner of They join the strategic investors Multicoin Capital, CMS, Kenetic, LD Capital, Altonomy and Binance that lead the previous $2M round.

Since launching in Q3 2020, OpenOcean has already grown to reach the second-highest ranked exchange on dApp aggregator site DappRadar, ranking in the top ten for 30-day volumes.

OpenOcean was the first exchange aggregator to…


Decentralized full aggregation protocol that sources liquidity from mainstream public chains with intelligent routing.

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