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This article was originally published by @KuenShahi

On the 21st of August 2021 @ 11:00 AM ET, An AMA session was held on Avalanche official Telegram group with special guest Mathias from OpenOcean . Below we present to you an excerpt from AMA with questions and answers. It was wonderful and very informative, Enjoy reading :)

Nicolas | Avalanche

Welcome @OpenOceanTech !

Mathias| OpenOcean

Hi everyone! Nice to be here :) Happy to meet you all. Thanks!

Nicolas | Avalanche

Before we dive into the questions, can you briefly introduce yourself to the Avalanche community, and share some background…

August 2021 saw OpenOcean launching two significant aggregations with OKexChain and Avalanche. Also, in order to secure upcoming limit order functionality, OpenOcean will integrate Chainlink Price Feeds. To cheer up the community of the month, we have partnered with leading projects to come up with the “Mystery Ocean Box” campaigns, which reward users trading specific pairs and amounts. More trading adventures are in the works; keep an eye out for more to come soon! Dive into the full report below.

$OOE listing updates

OpenOcean is the best performing newly listed project on KuCoin, with a 700% price change in one month!

A trading expedition awaits — $25,000 Rewards!

We are excited to announce the launch of Ocean Trading Adventure III. This time, the campaign will take place on Avalanche, our most recent island connection! Adventurers will get the best prices with low slippage while trading on Avalanche through OpenOcean. In this adventure, we team up with Pangolin, BENQI, Avalaunch & Penguin to explore the adventure and hunt the precious GEMs. Join us on a two-week trading adventure and explore the new island — Avalanche — with exciting rewards for you to claim!

What are you waiting for? Indulge on OpenOcean!

Campaign details

🎁Total rewards: $25,000 worth of tokens ($PNG, $Qi…

More pools, staking, and rewards are underway

Following its recent aggregation with Avalanche and Pangolin, OpenOcean, a full CeFi and DeFi aggregator, is excited to announce to expand its partnership with Pangolin, opening new pool and staking opportunities.

The partnership signals OpenOcean’s continued expansion into not just a platform with multiple trading options but a product where collaboration brings exclusive benefits to its users. Users can take advantage of the best prices with low slippage when swapping Avalanche-based assets on OpenOcean. More exciting campaigns are on the way soon, so make sure you follow our Twitter and Telegram Announcements to keep up to date.

Talking about OpenOcean’s…

Dear OpenOcean Community,

OpenOcean was the first aggregator to anchor at BSC island and this is where most of our sailors live and rest before boarding ocean journeys — it almost feels like home! BSC and its community have made incredible achievements since we first sailed there and today marks its birthday.

To celebrate the 1st year anniversary of BinanceSmartChain, we are teaming up with the Coin98 team to host a trading event exclusively on BSC.

Three different activities with an overall prize pool of $10,000 worth of tokens will take place.

Time Period: Wednesday, 09/01, 1 PM — Wednesday…

Our community has been increasingly asking our team for limit order swaps in order to eliminate the burden of waiting around for a certain price or missing an opportunity to trigger a swap at a desired price. Therefore, we’re excited to announce that OpenOcean — world’s first full aggregation protocol — will integrate Chainlink Price Feeds for limit order functionality on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and more to come.

Much in the same way that users can set limit orders on centralized exchanges, you’ll soon be able to set limit orders on decentralized exchanges as well. Limit orders allow…

OpenOcean users can now trade on Avalanche DEXes at best prices with low slippage.

OpenOcean, a full CeFi and DeFi aggregator, has now aggregated Avalanche including its leading DEXes Pangolin, Trader Joe, SushiSwap, Lydia.Finance and Baguette. The integration sources liquidity from across several Avalanche DEXes and users can take advantage of the best prices with low slippage when swapping Avalanche based assets on OpenOcean.

The Avalanche aggregation adds to the vast ocean of DEXs that OpenOcean supports across other DeFi platforms and CEX support with Binance.

‘’After over 10,000 of our OpenOcean community voted for an Avalanche aggregation, we listened…

$6,500 worth of Mystery Ocean Box Up for Grabs!

The OpenOcean keeps expanding, this time we have aggregated OKExChain. As always, we strive to offer our community the widest array of trading options and the best prices but only through aggregating legitimate protocols to provide maximum security for users.To ensure the best possible trading experience while trading on OKExChain using OpenOcean, we have partnered with the mainstream DEXes on OKExChain — CherrySwap, Kswap and to provide our users the deepest achievable liquidity.

OpenOcean, the full CeFi and DeFi aggregator has added OKExChain to the long list of top tier aggregations that includes: Ethereum, Loopring, BSC, Solana, Polygon, Avalanche…

OOE vault on OpenOcean Ethereum directly continues with new rewards

The current 30 days rewards program on OpenOcean Ethereum OOE vault will be directly continued by a new 60 days program. Current stakers can leave their stake with peace in mind because the new program will be directly deployed on the existing vault. Newcomers! This is an opportunity to make your OOE work for you — stake OOE to earn OOE.

The vault is part of OpenOcean’s cruise to distribute fairly and become more decentralized.

Program details

Directly continued from August 26, 2am, to October 25, 2am 2021 UTC
Network: Ethereum
Reward: 100,000 $OOE (calculated and distributed per block)
Duration: 60 days
Terms: No lock-up, can…

Join OOE-QUICK liquidity mining and Dragon’s Syrup pool on QuickSwap to earn OOE and QUICK

Since the launch of OpenOcean’s $OOE, the community have enjoyed the various ways to earn OOE such as liquidity mining, staking, and trade mining! Fair distribution and decentralization of OOE is important for the project to eventually achieve DAO. So we’ve teamed up with Polygon’s Quickswap to offer exciting new ways to earn $OOE.

If you were one of the sailors that received rewards from trade mining on Polygon last month, there is an option for OOE holders to jump into the QUICK/OOE pool. If you don’t have OOE, stake dQUICK in Dragon’s Syrup pool to earn! …


Decentralized full aggregation protocol that sources liquidity from mainstream public chains with intelligent routing.

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